:: IKEA and nomadic lifestyle [11 APR 2004]

This post is migrated from my old personal page on people.redhat.com. If it annoys you to see old news, too bad.

The biggest news of the day is that I moved into a new apartment share and bought a load of new IKEA furniture. It took me all Easter holidays to assemble it. Views of the new room interior will be available here -- after I take some pictures.

In about a week I will be sitting in a plane heading to London Heathrow -- to help set up a booth for Red Hat at Linux User and Developer Expo in Olympia. On Wednesday, after the show is over, I will hop back to Munich, re-pack my bags, and move on to the global company meeting in Raleigh, NC the next day.

I should be back in town on May 2.

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