:: Now and forever - blogs rule! [AUG 2004]

This post is migrated from my old personal page on people.redhat.com. If it annoys you to see old news, too bad.

Okay, so I failed miserably with writing short news updates at least with some regularity...
Now here is a better solution that suits better both my nomadic and frequently workaholic lifestyle and my desire to communicate to the wide world all the amazing thoughts and ideas that come to my mind from time to time. Now there is a blog.
Thanks to Jeremy Hogan, our vaillant Community Relations Manager, I now have an account with blogs.redhat.com.
And now that it is part of my job to represent Red Hat to the public and stuff, and that the blogging app offers a nice interface, and that other people's blogs give me ideas... etc, etc -- NOW I think I will manage to write up a few lines every once in a while. No joking.

Then there's the -- where RHAT users and friends of any given neighbourhood meet in "real life".
I've been asked many times, by many users "Why isn't there a RHAT MeetUp in MY area?" Well... guess why -- right, because you and all the rest of you out there did not register, and so nobody knows you're there and craving to meet others!
So my advice to any of you wishing to meet up with other RHAT users or with RHAT employees: Go and get yourself registered, and then find time and show up at the MeetUp! It is taking place just once a month, and usually the locations are picked where you can have a few beers and something to eat while you talk Linux.
From my experience, it is always worth it.