:: On the road [OCT 2004]

This post is migrated from my old personal page on people.redhat.com. If it annoys you to see old news, too bad.

Okay, besides from really being on the road, there are hardly any more parallels between my life and Jack Kerouac's book.

So the Expo in Milan was a real success, and the team was just great fun. We had the best of times at the booth and afterwards at dinners. Tiamo Milano!

The show in London was quite cool too. We did not have our own booth there, hanging out at the HP booth. Evenings at the pub were the best part of the trip though!

In Utrecht we had our own huge booth again, I think it was the biggest booth in my history at Red Hat! The team was up to the highest standards again, and I think all of us enjoyed the evenings together.

I have taken a few pictures, and I will publish a few here when I am not on the road anymore, which is not very soon :) Just when the last of the LinuxWorlds -- in Frankfurt -- is over, it will be time to go on tour again -- the Red Hat World Tour, which will span six cities across Europe in just three weeks.

Here are the World Tour dates: November 9: UTRECHT, November 11: STOCKHOLM, November 16: PARIS, November 18: LONDON, November 23: MILAN, November 25: MUNICH. Everybody is welcome to come. Click here if you wish to register. [link expired]