:: On the road 2 [APR 2005]

This post is migrated from my old personal page on people.redhat.com. If it annoys you to see old news, too bad.

To compensate for the long time I have not written anything, here is a report as full and entertaining as my limited writing skills will permit.

After I was back from the EMEA road tour, I hardly had enough time to unpack, do the laundry and pack again for my journey to Raleigh, NC. In the two weeks between the two travels, I have sat through an RHCT class but a flu had gotten the best out of me, so I did not finish it, and did not attempt to take the exam. My plan still is to do the cert at some point before the Summer comes, but this probably will not happen before late May.

I had to travel to Raleigh in order to participate in the kick-off of a round of the Brave Nwe World leadership training, which will take about ten months to graduate. I will be able to stay on for a few more terms if I choose to. At the moment I am part of the project called "We Are Red Hat," and our mission is "to more effectively foster and communicate Red Hat culture as the company continues to grow rapidly. To ensure that all employees live the Red Hat values of freedom, courage, commitment, and accountability."

Part of the training was a full-day presentation and communication workshop led by two actors from the Second City Communications. If you don't know (as I didn't)--The Second City is a comedy theater company that launched the careers of actors such as Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd, Chris Farley, and Mike Meyers. The two coaches showed us how to communicate using your own voice, and how to find it in the first place.

Generally, the time I spent in BNW sessions was very productive and fun. It is a real bummer that I will have to miss out on the final presentation of my first five-month term because of a trade show. Well, I will make sure this does not happen in my second term!

After coming back from the States, I went to Berlin to spend some time with my family and friends. It was wonderful, and once again reminded me of all the things that make me miss Berlin so much. Xmas was quiet, with my parents and their cat, but New Years was much louder--Susan, Peter and I went to a jazz club Quasimodo and had a great time there, listening to SOULOUNGE.

After the Berlin vacation, it was back to realities of life, as expected. Another trade show--in Paris this time. "Solutions Linux" is like LinuxWorld, but French :) At this show, we had a debut of my new booth design with the curved back wall, as seen at the top of the picture.

Here is a plan to give you a better impression. On the left half of the booth we had a presentation theater, in which eight presentations were held each day. On the right half we had three demo pods where customers could get a better feel of our software and applications.

It sure was a cool feeling to see something that you developed on paper finally materialize in real world and look cool. We had the best spot on the floor--smack in front of the main entrance, and we always had a nice crowd at the booth. All in all, I am quite satisfied with how it all went.

After this I had a historic first--I was working at a trade show for Red Hat--and I was not the organizer! I am talking about the LinuxWorld Expo in Boston. A nice situation for a change :) Being able to go when your shift is over and not to worry about tomorrow, but go out and have fun with Mozilla and Fedora folks instead...

At the same time with the LinuxWorld Greg DeKoenigsberg was organizing FUDCon 1, AKA Fedora User and Developer Conference. Greg and I decided to bring FUDCon to Europe, and this is what I have been busying myself with in the time since. We will have FUDCon II happening during LinuxTag in late June this year. So far, we have lined up a decent number of speakers to fill two days. If you feel like coming, please register by sending an email to fudcon-register@fedoraproject.org. We will be publishing the schedule and further details on the FUDCon web page soon, so check it for updates from time to time.

After the LinuxWorld and FUDCon joys I spent a week in DC, tried to see as many friends, and to cover as many of the museums I could squeeze in this short time.

As soon as I got back, I had to climb on a plane once more--to go to the Financial Year 2006 kick-off in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. A mere week there gave me a nice cold and send me into email withdrawal, as the meetings were going for much of the day, and there hardly was any time to read mail...

After this, we (and I in particular) skipped CeBIT, and I had a chance to spend some time in our Stuttgart office. Visiting Stuttgart is always great fun. After work, we went to the famous Spanish/Mexican place called Besitos--this is where they serve those incredibly addictive bacon-wrapped dates. Yum!

I visited Angelina and Andrey over Easter and came back to finalize ICT Dublin, where I am heading tomorrow. As a short preview of my coming travels, I will be in Dublin the week of APR 11, in Raleigh the week of APR 18, then after a short stay in Munich, I will be in Milan for the LiniuxWorld end of May, and in Karlsruhe for the LinuxTag and FudCon II end of June.

Don't ask me when I plan to get that RHCT cert...