Accident on I-40 : Extreme rubbernecking

Alright, I am driving home from Charlotte, taking I-40 to Raleigh. Enjoying my little bonnie car and some music. Not too much music, as anyone who was in a sporty convertible going about 75 would attest. Love your Miata, love the road noise.

About an hour down the road, there is a sign warning that there was an accident in about 10 miles, with two right lanes closed. A couple of miles later, the traffic slows, then all but stops. The road has four lanes: two closed, two stuck. I'm in the "fast" rightmost lane. Ahead of me is a CR-V with a Christian fish magnet and "EVANGE" license plate. Two people in it, having an engaged conversation.

In a few minutes we're at the scene of the accident, crawling at 2 mph. People are trying to get out of the congestion fast. I know from experience they tend to overlook Miatas easily, so I concentrate on the road and don't pay much attention to the accident.

Seems to be bad though. Several rescue vehicles are on site, I thought I saw at least one rolled car, but could not tell for sure. My Christian friend changes into the *slower* right lane, which is closer to the scene as we pass it...

I shrug and drive on.

Two minutes later, the CR-V passes me on the right. Go figure. Mustn't have been so exciting an accident for the gawker after all.

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