Charlotte : More cluelessness

It is the morning of my biometrics appointment.

I set out to walk to the USCIS office. They don't let you bring in your cell phone, or any other equipment, so I think I'll just leave my travel bag with the hotel front desk, like I have done a bunch of times before.

The answer is, "Sorry, we don't do this after nine-eleven."

Okay, so I ask them to keep an eye on my Miata, which I park in front of their office in a spot sprinkled with broken car window glass--very reassuring--and head over to the fingerprinting place.

It's only down the block and to the right from the hotel, and I walk fast, but even in this short time I manage to attract more cluelessness.

A green sedan cruises up, the window rolls down, and a guy leans out.

"Hey sex, what's going on?" he then inquires.

I look at him, then look ahead, never slowing down.

"I was talking to you babe!" he demands.

"So what?" I blurt out and walk away.

Fingerprinting is then done fast and without incident, and I thought that would be the main event of the day.

So I get back to my car, find all my belongings still intact and drive off.

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