Days Inn : Charlotte : Cluelessness

I got a biometrics appointment at an "Application Support Center" in Charlotte. Nice speak for having my mugshot and fingerprints taken. I am applying for permanent residence.

So I drive down to Charlotte after work. It's past nine when I finally hit the Days Inn just down the street from the USCIS office. Check into my room, head out for dinner. Irish pub across the street is way too noisy after a 2,5 hour drive in a Miata, so I head back to the Mexican I first ignored. They share the parking lot with the hotel. And have about seven customers, which at this point is a plus.

I sit down at the bar, get a Margarita and some bar food, and this waiter starts to chat me up.

"Where are you from?"

Me, vaguely, "From the hotel."

"You work there?"


I stare at my mediocre quesadilla while he fails to take the clue.

"Do you work for the American Airlines?"

Surprised, "N-no..."

I finish my food fast, pay with my card and leave.

Get to the hotel room with a little buzz from the cocktail and happily fall asleep listening to my MP3s.

Then my room phone rings. It's 11:55. Yes, P.M.

"Hello, who is it?"

"Hi, it's your friend!"

I recognize the voice of the guy from the restaurant. Too sleepy to curse, I say good night and hang up. Try to go back to sleep, when I realize that he must have used my name from the credit card receipt to call me up at the hotel!

I call the front desk. Sure enough, he called there and used my first and last name to ask to be connected to my room. I tell them to please not put any more calls through to my room and fall asleep a few minutes later, wondering how this guy's mind must work.

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  1. You should have invited him up to your room, and then amputated his member with your vagina dentata.

    Or, alternatively, you could have gathered enough info to call the cops on him. But I guess that would have been too much trouble.