Joined THSCC tonight

Went to the monthly club meeting tonight, membership application form already printed out and signed :) The pizza joint where the meetings are held seems to be favoured by other groups too... When I first got there I assaulted some other people, who I did not recognize but thought could be Tarheels. They weren't, but they knew where to find them, and sent me to the back room, which by then was not very full, but filled rapidly within the next minutes.

Seems like many of the people at the meeting recognized me. Somebody told me that pictures from last weekend's autocross were posted on the forum, and there is one of me there, too. Finally! I will SO post it here when I get my hands on it :)

Too bad they did not have their cars (or at least pictures of their cars) in the meeting, because that's how I remembered them all :) I did recognize a few faces though, and even matched a couple with names. Dustin, the autocross VP was at my table, and Mark, the tire guy was there too, so all in all, I did not feel completely lost among total strangers.

The nice lady, owner of British racing green Mini, welcomed me quite warmly, and invited to join the LAD class. I am still contemplating... I have a whole season to run as a novice, in NOV class. Barring a miracle (me winning three times in a row) I will still be in NOV in a year.

What I'll do after I graduate out of NOV, I don't know. I have three options now: SCP (can't run Stock because of the aftermarket exhaust header); TIR (if I am cheap and keep buying street tires for autocross); and now LAD, which I have yet to warm up to. I mean, the ladies are nice and all, but if I want to be good, I want to be as good as anyone, not just "good for a girl." Not to say that's what LAD class is about, but I have not yet wrapped my mind around this notion.

Long story short, the Chair read the applicants' names, profiles, and reasons for joining out loud, and the members voted by Yeas and Nays. Tarheels have an interesting tradition that nobody ever gets accepted by a unanimous vote, so there is always at least one person voting Nay. I got a round of hearty applause for having listed a speeding ticket in my "Driving record" section, and was accepted with all Yeas and one Nay.

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