Maybe I'm too German...

...but I just expect a different level of construction quality, and I pay every time I assume that. Like this morning.

Being for energy conservaton and shit, I try to keep the water temperature in my boiler at about 40C (104F), but it seems I did not get the setting quite right, and the water was closer to 37C, which felt fine when it was hot out, but started feeling a mite too cold on November mornings.

So I decide this morning before taking the shower, I need to finally fix that, and so I fearlessly approach the boiler with a screwdriver.

My assumptions were that the unit would be properly installed, which in my book means proper electrical insulation and grounding. Let's ignore the ease of control access for now (which is not present).

Based on my assumptions, I figured that it would not be necessary to disconnect the unit at the main breaker. Oh how wrong I was.

Not lethally wrong though, and the fact that I am typing this entry proves that. But I have to tell you, I did not enjoy the experience of 120V zapping through my body all too much. I found myself on the floor about half a meter (1.5 ft) away from the boiler, but was mostly fine.

Lesson learned.

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  1. Finally I found what was bugging me about setting the water temperature to 40°C (besides getting energized with 110V): Legionellosis