My car is out to get me (or my money)

I think my car has decided to get a holiday present from me, whether I like it or not. First, she gave me a cylinder misfire code ten days ago. This was reset and did not happen again. Dodged the bullet, I thought, but no! Three days ago, she started squeaking--most likely from a belt, but could be a water pump or some other part failing, for all I know.

Last year, just before Xmas, she made me buy her a new ignition coil pack, a crankshaft position sensor, and induction service, something I'd equal to a week-long spa retreat in the human world.

Now, holidays approach, and here she is again, demanding attention. I guess the used stock alloys weren't good enough to please my lady.

I need to mention to her that I fully intend to change the belts myself so she hopefully gets scared enough and stops the squealing (ha ha).

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