Participation is everything... particularly if you don't come in last

Went to my second autocross event on Sunday, and automotive deities have heard me again! I came in one before last in final results! Being a bloody beginner, not finishing last was my only goal, so I guess I achieved that :)

It was my first time changing my own tires for the event, and it seems to have worked out fine. Actually, it went amazingly well for someone who has never changed a tire before. One note to self: before bleeding competition tires to lower (storage) pressure, it is best to take them off the car, or the jack won't fit under the car anymore...

I have taken a few shots of my car in the pits, while I was changing the tires, and just before I went to walk the course. There were a few people there shooting stills and video, just need to find out where they will publish them.

Besides from being a lot of fun, and an excellent workout, the event also helped me gain confidence in my car. It is a different feeling to drive a car I care for myself (at least to some extent). In a few months, when Bonnie needs new brake pads, I hope I will be able to change them myself.

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