Holiday parties

Was at two holiday parties Friday and Saturday.

First was my company's party, which got much much better as alcohol was consumed. I almost embarrassed a co-worker's wife.

Yours Truly (YT): "Hey, can you keep an eye on my purse while I go get some food and a drink?"

Wife (W): "Sure! But that's a big purse! Why'd you bring it?"

YT, patting myself on all the places pockets could have been: "Women's formal clothing does not offer pockets, where I could have put my stuff..."

W, pointing at her husband with bulging pockets across the room: "Oh, that's what men are for! Why didn't you bring yours?"

YT: "He's quite inconveniently away."

W: "You should have made him come!"

I set up to say: "I routinely do," but catch myself just in time to say: "I... tried."


Then last night I went to a much more fun party given by an artist friend of mine and her husband. They had a well-stocked bar in the basement, and I ended up spending what was left of the night in a spare bedroom, with a very friendly purry cat as bed-mate.

The main attraction of the party was the "Dirty Santa" game, in which I ended up winning a stretchable silicone "Magic Tube" which, so the packaging says, can be creatively used on fingers and other elongated objects, besides the obvious.

Turned out well that I did not have to get up at six to go to the autocross, so that I could actually drink and stay up late.

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