This morning before work I stopped by the shop to have my car's attending look at Bonnie to make sure everything was still fine.

It seemed to be :)

Harry showed me the bad parts--there weren't that many--and asked if I wanted to keep any of them. I picked: the timing belt inside pulley, the retaining disk, and the infamous woodruff key, which came in two pieces.

Exhibit 1. Inside pulley.

The inside edges were broken off while Harry tried to pry this pulley off the crankshaft, but look at the front! Pretty impressive. The sprockets on the pulley were bent, shaved off, or simply broken off. Harry said that he noticed metal shavings on the outside of the engine cover, and that's what made him look inside to find this mess.

Exhibit 2. Timing belt retaining disk.

The crankshaft screw became loose, allowing the parts to slip, and the woodruff key wore through the keyway on the retaining disk to almost twice its original width, causing further moving of the parts in relation to one another. The side shown is the one facing the timing belt pulley, with ridges ground in it by the sprockets.

Exhibit 3. Woodruff key.

It is bent, worn through, AND broken. So it looks like the failure was brewing for quite some time. First the loose bolt allowed the retaining disk to slip, and constant grinding bent and wore the key. Then eventually it broke, but not too recently, because the break surface is corroded.

Ashraf and I tightening the accessory belts put additional stress on the timing belt pulley, so it slipped 12.5 degrees and resulted in all the performance problems.

I will keep the two bigger parts on my desk. This adventure was way too exciting not to have anything to remind me of it.

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  1. Had a problem myself with a timing belt, though Martin at http://www.halifaxbearings.com sorted me out. Stocks all sorts of dodge bearings too which is nice. :)