My car is out to get me (or my money) Part 3

So I dropped Bonnie off at the shop this morning and they could hardly find anything really wrong with her.

The alternator/water pump belt was over-tightened, but nothing really to account for the cylinder misfires. It was a "random multiple cylinder misfire" code, which did not really help troubleshoot.

The attending did a lot of maintenance work, so Bonnie should not complain now that I spend no money on her. She got:
  • Alternator belt adjusted;
  • new spark plugs;
  • fuel filter;
  • fuel injector cleaner additive in tank;
  • missing bolt on intake bracket;
  • compression test (came out fine with all at 150);
  • front rotors and pads.
So all in all, I felt like I should have gotten some return on investment, but instead, Bonnie runs worse now. Pick-up on acceleration is gone, I can depress the pedal all the way to the floor and nothing happens. As in literally nothing.

The sound of the engine also changed, but I could live with that if everything else was working. Being beat off the line by old minivans is not something I am used to. Not since I got rid of the scooter.

So tomorrow morning, off we go to see the doctor again.

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