Provincial survival guide

You know how they publish all the urban survival guides for the rural and small city folk? Well, here's a provincial survival guide for the urban outcasts like me.

It is a mite reassuring though, that urban population (in its widest sense I presume) is predicted to be in the majority beginning next year.

Chapter one: Provincial survival essentials
  1. High-speed internet connection.
  2. Netflix or other DVD-by-mail rental subscription (you don't seriously expect all the cool movies to be available at a local Blockbuster, do you?)
    Oh, and let me tell you about Blockbuster--the fact that they censor their movie selection has put them on my "not if you were the last rental on earth" list.
  3. A well-stocked library.
  4. A time-consuming hobby that requires travel (I was lucky to find autocross, which gets me out of town at least once a month and keeps me occupied during the rest of the month, be it trying to figure out my car or meeting other gearheads).
  5. A reserve of wine and/or other alcoholic beverages, for when all else fails.

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