FUDCon Raleigh 2008

Last weekend, Fedora User and Developer Conference (FUDCon) was in town, and I attended the second day of the event, the actual un-conference.

The first (Fri, Jan 11) and third (Sun, Jan 13) days were hack-fests, and I only ducked in for an hour on Friday to have lunch with the people I know from my Fedora involvement, and went back to work.

The un-conference on Saturday was a lot of fun, as was the obligatory FUDPub after the "official" part was over. A bunch of photos were taken on all three days, and here's what I found on Flickr so far.

At the FUDCon, I attended talks by Michael Tiemann (Bringing Fedora into the enterprise), Mark Webbink (Open Source legal Q&A), and Kevin Sonney (Fedora.tv). Then I spent some time helping out with logistics of getting people to the right rooms, and then it was already time to go to the pub!

We started out at the Flying Saucer, where Fedora paid for the first round of drinks and food for everyone (really nice of them). From there a bunch of us proceeded to the Hibernian Pub a few blocks down the street, where we were biding our time until the karaoke night would open at Cody's next door.

It was really great to see all the folks I only get to see once or twice a year at events like this, and it's a shame I did not get to spend more time with each of them.

The less fun part was catching a cold from all the hand-shaking and hugging, but by now I think I am mostly over this, too.

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