Happy new year

It's been a nice holiday break. Back to work tomorrow.

By the way, on the 31st, when I happened on a Saturn dealership and could not resist--took a SKY for a test drive. A turbo. And managed to red-line it, so the rev limiter kicked in :) That was fun.

I did not get a chance to really try it out handling-wise, but it has a feel of a lot of electronics between the driver and the road. No "right-now" feeling that I am now used to from Bonnie. Suffice it to say that when going about 60, turning the wheel quickly about 5 degrees left and right does not result in anything. Some computer decides that you ought to be going straight. So you go straight. I have no idea how this will impact the handling in a slalom. Maybe some of the electronics can be turned off, but the salesperson did not know.

Now in the next few weeks, I want to test-drive a new Miata and a Z4. My only real hope for a true sports-car feel is the Z4, if I remember the new MX-5 right from test-driving it in Summer 2006.

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