Not so stealthy anymore

Looks like I went from one boaty car to another, but Grand Prix is supposed to handle better.

The thing is, it snowed all morning in Ottawa, and there was a lot of slush on the roads, and my tame Pontiac G5, that handled like a boat under the best of conditions, had no ABS, which was complemented by mediocre all-season OEM tires, so I was slippin' and slidin' all the way back to the hotel from the embassy!

Making a left turn, while slowly accelerating from a dead stop, I spun out at about 10 kmh, and was floating perpendicularly to traffic for a few seconds... That was scary!

After I ruled the poor beast in and brought it safely to the hotel parking lot, I called Enterprise, and the Grand Prix is what they gave me instead.

It seems to have a slightly stiffer ride (stiffer than a water mattress is not much, but it's an improvement), and the tires have somewhat deeper tread.

And it looks cooler than the G5.

Still I hope that it won't snow anymore and the roads dry up tomorrow.

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