Close encounters continue: Today--Human greed and stupidity

Okay, so yesterday it seemed like the SUV driver and I have agreed that we should not involve our insurances, so that our rates don't go up. Today, I get a call from mine saying that the SUV driver has filed a claim against me, for a broken turn light.
Here is an as-close-to-scale as possible picture comparing the SUV's size (it was a Tahoe) with my Miata's size. My rear bumper went completely under hers, and her tow hook went right through it. Her front bumper has shattered my taillight.

How in the world my car could have impacted her turn light, which is above my bumper level and pretty much the rest of the rear of the car, is a mystery to me. Particularly in a 5 mph collision.

For educational purposes, here is also a diagram of the accident as perceived by me.

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