I've got to admit it's getting better

The results were posted tonight, and it looks like gradually I am beginning to suck at autocross slightly less than before.

I was surprised to see that I was not the last--because I felt I could have performed better, and it did not help that after the first two runs, my times looked fairly bleak, as in "worst times on the sheet." By the time the event was finished, I thought I'm pretty much hopeless. Turns out, I did learn something and improved my results over the last season.

Don't want to brag too much, but this was the first time I came in before non-novice drivers.

Now of course, I can't wait till the next event. And the one after that. Actually, the May event promises to be more fun because it will be a two-day deal again, with the first day being Chicks-only Novice School, and the second the actual autocross.

There are two great things about this: one, the student-to-instructor ratio will be close to 1-to-1 at the chick school (as opposed to 2-to-1), so I will get more practice; and two, practicing immediately the day before the event will help me translate to practice whatever I learn.

Oh, yeah, and the cherry-on-top bonus will be the lack of hormone-plagued male youths suffering from all sorts of afflictions, most commonly the foot-in-mouth disease.

Example: I am all packed up and ready to leave on Sunday evening after the event, convinced that I have blown it worse than usual on the course, and this young guy comes by. Everybody is usually very friendly, helpful, and non-threatening at THSCC events, so I smile and say Hi when he greets me. Our exchange follows:

Guy (G): "So did you have fun today?"

Yours Truly (YT): "Yeah, I had a blast! Didn't do very well though."

G: "So what was your best time?"

YT: "Eighty point something, plus two."

G cries with exaggerated shock on his face: "You're kidding me! Even I got a better time!"

YT, turning away: "You don't need to exacerbate your remark with that facial expression."


So yeah, I think chicks-only school might be refreshing.

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