New horn road tested and approved

So today, I'm on a 45 mph street, doing something close to the speed limit, maybe 47, passing an intersection. I got green light. A Nissan sedan makes a right turn on red, pulling smack in front of me. I brake hard and lay on the horn.

I swear I could see the poor schmuck jump in his car. He pulled onto the shoulder and let me pass.

I turn to look as I pass him, and the look on his face is a mix of "Shit, that was close!" and "Damn, did that Miata make that noise?" I bet he will think twice before pulling in front of somebody like that again.

So I should say, the new horn passed the road test with flying colors.

Edited on April 12, 2008:
Sound samples: Miata Stock Horn | New Fiamm 125 dB Dual Horns (Part #72102 for high tone and Part #72112 for low)

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