Two close encounters with law and order

Chapter 1.
I am on the way to lunch. See a parking spot. Stop. Show right turn signal. Put car in reverse. Start backing up. At this point, the car closest behind me (an SUV) was at a fairly safe distance. So I concentrate on the task at hand: getting my car between two others at the curb.

Honk! Crunch! My driver-side taillight is in shatters, bumper pierced by the SUV's tow hook.

I pull to the curb, come out of the car, and say: "I was parking!"

The answer: "I thought you were turning."


The reverse lights at the back of my car were lit for nothing.

We call the police, they show up, actually just one officer who promptly says that I was contributing to the accident.

Doesn't give me a ticket though. So I guess I was not contributing enough.

I order a new taillight at my magick Miata place and go back to work.

Chapter 2.
After work and gym I meet up with a friend in Chapel Hill for dinner, and on the way back, a mere mile from home, I get pulled over for speeding and -- of course -- for the busted taillight. I seriously was not watching my speed at this point, so I guess there's no arguing.

But I can explain the taillight. I even have the accident report still in my bag with me, and show it. I also say that I'd love for the crappy day not to get any crappier.

The cop checks my papers and returns them to me saying I get to walk this time, but only this time.

I thank him profusely and go home.

Damn! I must have filled my quota of traffic violations (and victimizations) for a full year!

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