I am so proud of myself today!

Worked a full day, then worked out for 50 minutes, then got home, ate a Lean Cuisine dinner, and--get this--changed the tires! Sounds easy, I know, but I had to first carry all four stock wheels with the new Azenis tires down from the third floor where I keep them in my condo's porch storage and then take the street Heliums/Kumhos back up the stairs.

Each rim weighs about 12 lbs, plus the tire, plus compressed air in it, so I would say each wheel/tire assembly comes up to approximately 35-40 lbs (15-18kg). If I weren't too tired to lift a tire another time, I'd weigh one, but for now an estimate will have to be good enough.

You might be wondering why on earth I needed to change my tires today and not at the event as usual? Well, the next event is this coming weekend, and since they are completely new tires I wanted to drive on them for a couple days for better traction.

Now I feel like I can't move a finger ever in my life again, which is obviously not true, because how else would I be typing this?

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