If it goes fast, it can't be a woman

Hate to give the misogynists on Jalopnik that much publicity, but the way the editors and most commenters treated Danica Patrick's first Indy Car win was less than encouraging, and in some aspects disgusting.

Before she won a race, the male consensus seemed to be: "Oh, she's just a pretty chick with no real talent." Now that she's won one, it's more along the lines of: "So what? And by the way I think she's ugly."

If I wanted to be mean, and I think I do, it'd be entertaining to find out how many of the couch racers have actually ever been on a race track, not to speak of qualified for a competition of this caliber.

In fairness to mankind, I have to note that there were many positive comments, and a couple folks actually stepped up to call the bullshit.

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