Lou Reed at Carolina Theatre

Saw Lou at the Carolina Theatre last night. Awesome as always. I was really surpised that he even came to NC, but that's not something I'm complaining about. As it happens, this was the first time I saw him in the US, the other three being in Berlin.

The Durham show was not even on TicketMaster, so when I found out about it listening to NPR one morning, the other ones within driveable distance were all sold out, but not this one! Gave me a bit of a scare though, not to see it on TicketMaster.

I left office at about 5:30, got to Durham by 6pm, had a nice dinner at the bar of the Piedmont restaurant a block away from the theatre, had two cocktails with that and could not be in a better mood by the time the show started.

The opening act was supposed to be some bluegrass band, but luckily they canceled (or got canceled, with Lou I would not be surprised). The show started almost on time and powered all the way through the two hours of the show. I did not realise it was that long until they finished. The selection covered songs from the sixties to most recent, with the obligatory Sweet Jane and a surprising I'm Sticking With You. There were a few songs from the Ecstasy album, and even one from back in the eighties: Video Violence.

At some point Lou made a joke that the last time he was to NC was in 1985 (I think): "They have just invented the phonograph."

So I guess next time I see him will have to be some place other than my current home state. About time I went to New York anyway.


  1. Congratulations! It is not SO bed in NC, if Lou Reed comes there

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  3. My husband also went and came home with the most awesome recording of the show. Oddly enough, Lou, aka, "The Curmudgeon of Rock", gave him the thumbs up via his MySpace site to do so! Now I have to live with a man whose head is so inflated, I'm tempted to stick a fork in him to see if he flies around the room like a balloon! Lou Reed - in NC! Whoulda thunk THAT??? :-)

  4. @ velvetstaccato: thank you for sharing! I have removed the duplicate post.