Lou Reed at Carolina Theatre

Saw Lou at the Carolina Theatre last night. Awesome as always. I was really surpised that he even came to NC, but that's not something I'm complaining about. As it happens, this was the first time I saw him in the US, the other three being in Berlin.

The Durham show was not even on TicketMaster, so when I found out about it listening to NPR one morning, the other ones within driveable distance were all sold out, but not this one! Gave me a bit of a scare though, not to see it on TicketMaster.

I left office at about 5:30, got to Durham by 6pm, had a nice dinner at the bar of the Piedmont restaurant a block away from the theatre, had two cocktails with that and could not be in a better mood by the time the show started.

The opening act was supposed to be some bluegrass band, but luckily they canceled (or got canceled, with Lou I would not be surprised). The show started almost on time and powered all the way through the two hours of the show. I did not realise it was that long until they finished. The selection covered songs from the sixties to most recent, with the obligatory Sweet Jane and a surprising I'm Sticking With You. There were a few songs from the Ecstasy album, and even one from back in the eighties: Video Violence.

At some point Lou made a joke that the last time he was to NC was in 1985 (I think): "They have just invented the phonograph."

So I guess next time I see him will have to be some place other than my current home state. About time I went to New York anyway.