Poins Autocross in Greenville, NC

Autocross results page

This time, I truly sucked. Came in one before last in raw time, and last in PAX. I have great excuses for sucking, but last is still last.

Here are the results:

And here is the Course map.

So why did I suck so bad? Mostly because of my crappy tires. I had some old, hard-as-a-rock, dry-rotted touring Kumhos 617 on, and while the tarmac at the airport events was rough enough for them to grip decently enough, on the slippery asphalt of a parking lot last weekend they did not grip at all. I spun out accelerating out of the first slalom in my first run. Got me the 66-plus time and a cone. Charlie Monroe was in the car with me, and he said I did not do anything to provoke that, so we all agreed that the tires are at fault.

In the following runs, I simply did not trust the tires enough and was treading on eggshells out on the course instead of attacking it. And that accounts for the abysmal times in the remaining three runs. In the last run, the tires were gripping well enough for me to get a little more aggressive (still not much), and that's when I got the 54.4 time. Plus two.

Also, at this event, I got caught on camera twice in the second heat (I ran second and fourth, worked third, as usual).
Here they are: NOV 23 (1) | NOV 23 (2)

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