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Greed does not pay: My insurance has denied the Chevy driver's claim. Hers has denied my counterclaim, so we're quits. Have installed the new taillight assembly back before Easter, so the only thing left to fix is the rear bumper cover.

I am still not sure what I will do there: either get a new aftermarket bumper cover, have it sprayed and mount it myself or maybe buy a new bumper cover and mount it, and then have the whole car repainted.

Another option would be to just have them spray the front bumper when they do the rear. The front bumper is all scratched up and no amount of buffing helps on it anymore.

Also, I did not manage to sell my rims on eBay. The guy who bid on them realized three days later that I only had two to offer, and he was hoping to get all four alloys for 50 bucks! So he said he will withdraw and I am waiting now for the dispute to resolve on eBay so I can relist. He said he'll pay the listing fee.

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