Armageddon, and we're live on site!

So last weekend was a long one, because of the Memorial Day here in the US, and a bunch of friends and I went to the beach for 3 days.

We pooled our money to rent a beach house, and got one just across the street from the ocean. It was a pretty little house, and the seven of us were quite comfy in there.

Honestly though, we hardly spent any time in the house, besides breakfast time and hanging out on the porch before heading to bed. Which is how it should be. I think.

First day was rainy until mid-afternoon, but then it all cleared up, and we had a nice long walk on the beach and into the town, to have some beers and wings. We ended up having dinner at the Oceanic restaurant across the street from our house. The wait was extremely long, due to the holiday high traffic and also some miscommunication while trying to make a reservation. But the food was worth it in the end.

Next day, I slept in until about eleven. Not sure when everybody else go up, but I fully expected them to go to the beach and just leave me a note on the breakfast table, but they hung around. I am not sure they were waiting for me or just hanging though.

Once at the beach, it was pretty awesome. Nice warm water I would estimate at 24 degrees Celsius. Sand. Sun. SPF 70 sunscreen.

But even the greatest beach gets pretty boring after a few hours. I had a book and an iPod, got into the ocean a couple times, played frisbee (poorly), and walked about three kilometers along the beach. Then I couldn't stand it anymore.

So I and another chick from our party (who also drives a Miata, confirming my belief that Miata drivers are more fun) escaped the beach at about 2:30 and headed to downtown Wilmington in my car. That turned out to be a great idea.

We discovered a second-hand boutique selling once-worn, tags-still-on clothes and shoes, where my friend bought a couple pairs of sunglasses and I snatched up a raw silk sarong. You might not know, but sarong/pareo is the best damn thing out there to wear in the summer: you can wear it in virtually unlimited variations and also use it as a shawl on a chilly summer night too!

We ate late lunch at Le Catalan cafe on the Riverwalk, and did some more shopping, did not buy anything though. Dinner at about eight at the Pilot House and then home.

Most folks went to bed early-ish (no wonder, if they got up at eight in the morning!), but my Miata partner-in-crime and I decided to go for a night walk at the beach to finish the day. It was pretty warm, but breezy, and the waves seemed much higher in the dark than during the day, even though I suspect they were not much different. We walked for a while and then climbed into a life guard booth to hide from the wind.

We talked, watched the waves and a few people taking night-time walks like we did. Some kids showed up with surfing gear but did not have the guts to actually swim out.

And then it happened: A fairly large red triangular shape showed up in the ocean. In the dark, we could not see how far it was, whether it was at the horizon, or closer, but it was looking eerie. And it was growing really fast, looking like it was heading for the shore.

Our dialog follows.

Yours Truly (YT): Hmm, it could be some sort of a planet rising...
Miata Chick (MC): What planet?
YT: What planets appear red?
MC: If it is a planet, we've got a problem here. Armageddon and we're live on site!
YT: Like in a movie!


Turned out to be the Moon.

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