British Car Show in Wake Forest

Went to the historic British car show held by the MG club of North Carolina yesterday. Saw lots and lots of cars to drool over.

The Jags here are just one example. I ended up taking 270 pictures and 264 of them turned out to be presentable. The light was great--lots of sunshine, helping to many contrast-rich shots against a cloudless sky.

I took a page out of kestrelracing.com book and made the pictures available for purchase on lulu.com.

I thought that USD3.00 would be sufficient for now, to see if anyone finds the pictures worth any money.

Originally, I did not plan to take that many pictures at all, but once I got there and began walking the rows of cars, owners began asking me if I was the "official photographer," and as my luck would have it, I soon ran into one of the event organizers who promptly "appointed" me to be the event photographer! I took my new job seriously and tried to take a few shots of each car, so that the owners could find at least one angle that they liked.

I did not catch all the cars though, because for some reason cars kept arriving hours after the event opened, and I was tired and getting a nice tan by one p.m., so I let them be and went home.

A lady exhibiting an MGB explained to me what roads to take for a scenic route back to town, and I had a delightful top-down drive through winding country roads flanked by trees and mostly traffic-free.

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