Economic stimulus... my a$$!

On Monday, I received a letter from the folks at the IRS saying my economic stimulus payment will be arriving soon. I did not read past the first paragraph, so I had no idea it'll be deposited into the same account they used to pay my tax return. So imagine my surprise when I looked into my savings account today to find that the economic stimulus payment was there.

Now, the good thing is that the money got to me--I was not sure if non-citizens qualified, right until the moment when I saw the money in the bank.

The less good thing is that I was planning to use this money to pay for a part of a (greatly unnecessary) valve job for my car, and expecting to receive a physical check, I planned to deposit it into a checking account and use it from there. Now that the money is in the savings account, I have a strong urge to just leave it there and save cash for the valve job over the next few salary pay periods.

Delayed gratification... Grrrr

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