Home and dry, or: Top-down driving in the rain

So the laws of physics still work, and I have dry hair and clothes to prove it :)

Was driving home today and thought, "Meh, I should make it home before it rains," and left the top down. Of course I didn't make it. It began raining about 10 minutes till home. Really pouring, actually.

I was lucky I did not hit a single red light while it was raining, and so the most of the rain I got was some fine water spray from the blow-back, which got a mite annoying at one point, when it got on the inside of the windshield and on the rear view mirror. That was relatively easily remedied by turning the air to "defrost" on full blast, preventing more water from getting on the windshield from the inside, as well as helping dry what was already there.

The rain mercifully paused when I got home, so I could put the top up and go inside before it resumed.

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