I'm going to the FUDCon Boston 2008!

Great news (at least for me): I am going to the FUDCon Boston next month!

To the BarCamp part, actually, since I am not much of a coder.

Spoke with Max yesterday, and volunteered to help with logistics at the conference. So my plan is to show up bright and early and to help with the set-up, and also to "man" the reg table.

Then of course, the FUDPub.

Got a nice deal on flight+hotel package at Expedia, and will be staying smack in the Back Bay area, close to everything that matters, i.e. drink, food, and shopping.

Oh have I told yet that I have not really shopped clothes for real in over a year? Raleigh shopping scene is not exactly scintillating, and when I got to get out of town over the past few months, I hardly had time to shop so far, so this trip will be the first time I will have a chance to hit a few cool stores. I wonder if Mango has a branch in Boston? (BTW, their web site sucks, by any usability standards.)

Inner geek wants to note how astonished I was to see that my flight reservations from Expedia showed in my American Airlines account less than a minute after the booking was complete.