Rewarding myself

So to reward myself for finally making some progress at autocross, and also to avoid pain from wearing street shoes while driving all day (like at the chick school), I got myself some nice racing shoes. My first chance to try them out will be in about four weeks, in Sanford.

Suposedly, these shoes are all of these awesome things:

  • Formula One FIA approved Professional Grade racing footwear of 100% engineered construction
  • Patented CarbonX® flame-resistant lining outperforms all known standards on the NFPA 2112 Flame Resistant Garments testing protocol
  • Self-extinguishing split suede for comfort and flexibility in a mid-rise design
  • High-grip NBS vulcanized rubber outsole, optimized for tactile response on race pedals
  • Low-density advanced polymer EVA midsole for heel support and resilient shock absorption
  • CarbonX® batting and fire-retardant leather heel counter / inner sole for added protection

Well, I'm not sure I need all these features, but the shoes do feel comfy and the pretty rigid soles might help with the finer modulation of throttle--when I am finally skilled enough to need that.

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