A walk to Piggly Wiggly's

After the autocross school, I headed to the hotel, called Innkeeper, which was less than 10 minutes away from the Danville regional airport where the event was held. I left some of the things I removed from the car in the pit area at the site, things like the spare tire and the scissor-jack from the trunk, the floor-mats and trunk liners, etc., all covered neatly under a tarp, so I really did not have much left in the car at all. I checked in, dropped some of my things in the room and promptly locked myself out while fetching some more stuff from the car.

When packing for the event on Friday night I realized that I did not have any non-perishable food I could take with me for lunch on Sunday (chick school provided lunch), I was also pretty hungry, so I thought, I'd go check out the local supermarket scene. The lady at the front desk outfitted me with a new room key and said that there was a supermarket just one light intersection down the street. I figured, how far could the next light be and decided, I'd walk, particularly because I could not bear the thought of spending another minute behind the wheel.

So here I was, leisurely walking on a sidewalk along a busy road in Danville... It did not take a minute for the first car to honk. I did not pay much attention, could have been for any number of reasons. Then another honk came, followed by some sort of a catcall I am glad I could not hear clearly. Then another. The leisurely walk was turning less so as I was speeding up to minimize exposure.

As I was sprinting down the ramp to the supermarket, a mid-eighties Lincoln Town Car honked, and followed me into the parking lot. The window rolled down and I heard a "Hey yo!" which I ignored as good I could. First greeting was followed by "Hey, how ya doin'?" in a more insistent tone of voice. To which I turned, looked at the guy's reflection in the side-view mirror of his car, and said loudly and clearly "How much more do I have to ignore you?" and continued to walk.

He must have gotten the message because he rolled the window up and drove off.

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