You get what you pay for

I have to say, the chick school paid off. Instead of being in the bottom three in PAX, now I got to be in the bottom eleven!

Okay, sarcasm by side, the last event, titled "You get what you pay for" felt different, and I was able to use some of the newly-learned skills.

Most importantly, this was the first autocross at which I went solo on a run! And actually, my solo run turned out to be my best time of the day, at 59.517 seconds, clean. Strangely enough, while on the course, I felt like I was hitting the cones left and right, and I was really surprised when Rob, who rode with me a couple times that day, came up to me at the finish and said that it was a clean run!

Here are the results:

The biggest discovery of the day was that I could stay floored throughout the first few elements, all the way until the second cone in the first slalom, helping me shave something like a full second off my time. Counter-intuitively, the car turned in much better while under constant acceleration in the first and second 90-degree turn. Particularly the second one, where I tended to lift before, upsetting the balance of the car, so it was pushing out, which was not helpful at all :)

The new Azenis made a lot of difference, too. Car handling was much more predictable and stable, so I did not spin or get the car out of control in any way.

It was also the first time that my Fedora signs generated conversation. A couple guys came up after the event and asked what that was all about. I was only too happy to tell :)

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