FUDCon Boston 2008: Absolutely fedorable!

Spent a wonderful Saturday hanging out at the FUDCon barcamp at Boston University's Photonics Center.

I got there early, and helped to set up, and when the doors opened for the barcamp attendees, I was helping out at the registration table.

I ended up spending all my time at that table, because so many of my friends were hanging out with me, and also I had some work to do, so I spent a couple hours finishing a document for work.

Don't want to sound nostalgic, but I've been around Fedora for more than four years now, and it was so great to see everybody again.

I did catch the last ten minutes of the closing speech by our fedorable leader after cleaning up the registration space, and then it was time to go to the FUDPub!

That was a whole lot of fun, even though we did not end up at a karaoke bar, like last time. My absolutely favourite drink was available at the university pub, and I consumed a fair amount before the bar closed at ten.

Six of us went to a pub closer by where our hotels were and had another couple cocktails before calling it a night at about one.

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  1. It was great meeting you Alex. I look forward to a run in the miata if I get out to NC during driving weather. I will also refrain from standing on chairs next time... I gave myself a hernia it would seem from the split.