My blog no longer on Planet.Fedoraproject.org

From a chat with a friend earlier today.
(09:36:42 AM) yours_truly: i am not amused that they changed the way they aggregate blogs on planet now: 1. they never announced that the change will come; 2. they kicked existing blogs (like mine) out; 3. now i have to go log in to fedorapeople... and i have never done this. i am not even sure i still have that SSH key i created for the CLA back in the day, and even if i do, i forgot the passphrase.
(09:36:57 AM) yours_truly: so i am expressly not happy with that
(09:37:47 AM) friend: They announced it on fedora-devel. distribution was too narrow I guess
(09:38:26 AM) yours_truly: how come we always do that? -- do a million things right and then blow one really important one
(09:42:05 AM) yours_truly: i don't want to raise a stink, but i am reckoning there must be more people than just me being unhappy about it
(09:42:38 AM) friend: well, get your blog back on planet, then post about it
(09:42:41 AM) yours_truly: first we say we want to lower the barrier for participation, and then we go demanding that people SSH to a server using an encryption key for jake's sake
(09:42:59 AM) yours_truly: i would fix it, but i don't think i have the key anymore
(09:43:12 AM) yours_truly: and i certainly do not have the passphrase for the key, even if I still had it
(09:43:26 AM) yours_truly: i am toast