Point of no return

So today I have committed to taking Bonnie down the CSP path and ordered a set of Ground Control coilovers, which will be stiffer than the stock springs and will be adjustable, meaning I will be able to lower them for autocross and then raise again for street.

This is the first in the planned series of mods, and one that would not be legal in the Stock class, so that's literally the point of no return for me, as I am now going to try to make my car CSP competitive.

Thank you everyone who commented on my blog and by email and in real-time and helped me make this decision. I really feel good about going CSP now.

The car will probably require an alignment after installation of the new springs.

Next stop, front sway bar.


  1. Way to go!

    And, what's the cat's opinion, after chewing on the spring?

  2. The cat's name is Rascal, and he's affiliated with the Flyin' Miata folks... That's their official picture of the coilovers from the web site :)

    Quote from Flyin' Miata: "Despite what Rascal thinks, these springs are not edible."

    So I guess the jury is still out on what the cat's final opinion will be.