Reinstated on Planet: Big thanks to Paul Frields

Paul came back from Europe and promptly resolved my problems, and then some! A huge thanks to him for that.

I was close to just giving up on Planet, because I am not all that technical, and never logged in to the fedorapeople account, SSH or no SSH, but then Paul swooped down in his shining armor and added my feed to his ~/.planet file. Yay!

We discussed the change to the way Planet aggregation now works, first in IRC, then by phone, and agreed that it could be made easier for people who are not routinely using remote shells, by adding a field in the web interface where one configures one's Fedora account.

So to complete his stellar cameo in Your Truly's day, he opened a Fedora Infrastructure ticket requesting just that!

Go Paul!

1 comment:

  1. Damn you, Paul!

    We've put up with your shenanigans long enough, but this is really beyond the pale. This is the last straw! No one, least of all loyal Fedorans, deserve to be subjected to Alex's crazed ramblings.

    I hereby move to impeach Paul as Fedora project leader. Who's with me?!