Car lowered: Total awesomeness ensues

So on Saturday I have successfully lowered my car with the Ground Controls, with generous help from a friend. The car rides so much better now. I have not expected that much improvement. Seriously, I expected some additional stiffness, but not all the other great things it brings with it!

The car turns in much easier, with less body roll and better grip, and I was able to do the turnarounds at the autocross in Petersburg so much more aggressively than I would usually do. I still was last in class, but enjoyed the new ride so much I did not really care about results.

Got the car aligned yesterday, with a little more aggressive negative camber. The alignment is still pretty docile, and I might make it a mite more aggressive at a later point again, but streetability of the car is also a concern, since most miles I put on it are in daily driving.

In addition to the handling improvement, the car looks much more aggressive now, with no more than 2cm clearance between the wheel and front fender. Sorry, no pictures yet, but I'll post them here as soon as I get a chance to wash and wax my baby and take a few glamour shots of her :)

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