Fedora Ambassadors, here I come (again)

So there, I'm out of a somewhat prolonged retirement from the Fedora Ambassadors, and taking up some of the chores again. Happy to, BTW.

I attended a meeting of North American Ambassadors last night and though it started a little slow, it turned into a very lively three-hour discussion very fast. You can read the meeting notes for yourself, and if you do, please also read the follow-up sent to the ambassadors-list by Max. It corrects a few errors and clarifies a couple things.

Now, if you haven't heard/read me advocate this before, here's my mantra: Money is power. Give money to the people.

Besides from that, I think I haven't really said anything groundbreaking in the meeting, and this was not too groundbreaking either.

Aside from participation in Ambassadors meetings, I also took over schwag request processing and shipping. I anticipate to start ordering schwag eventually when we run out. At this moment, there is something along the lines of 2000 Fedora 9 CDs and DVDs stashed away in my cube.

So this is the official return of Madame l'Ambassadrice Fedora.


  1. It's a pleasure and an honour to have you back in the project :)

    Francesco U.

  2. I can't say more than Francesco :) I loved the way you launched and managed the Fedora Ambassador program some years ago. It's a honor to have you back on our sides. Thanks !

  3. Thank you guys! I really missed being more active in Fedora community, and am looking forward to helping out wherever I can!