Overdue follow up: Course map for June 6 autocross

So this is the course map for the NASA autocross that was held at Virginial Motorsports Park (VMP) on June 6th. It was as long of a course as it looks. Good times were coming in just under 70 seconds. My best time was a low 74 plus one.

I seemed to be the only one at the event to have made a course map, so I haven't been able to cross-check it with anyone else. It might be very inaccurate. Plus I ran out of paper at some point, so the last three C-boxes before the finish are drawn from memory.

The even was fun. About 50 people showed up, so we got eight runs each. Not that that helped me any, but autocross is primarily for fun, and that it was!

This was also the first event at which I got to do a different work assignemnt from the usual picking up of cones: Timing announcer. That was fun, and I allowed myself to talk smack a little. "The blue Porsche comes in at 71.090 plus... thirty cones?" That was in reference to a car which took out two or maybe three consecutive elements, about seven cones. Car's "name" has been altered to protect the innocent :)

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