The Dark Knight

Saw The Dark Knight with a friend last night.

At first six of us met at a bar for a few beers, and then the movie was brought up and four of us decided to go catch the 8:45pm show. On the way there two of my friends got lost and turned around and drove home, while what was left of the party (Robin and yours truly) actually went to see the film.

It was pretty good, but far from what I expected based on rave reviews the movie received, and also what some of my friends said about it.

Definitely liked the twist they put on the Joker character, but the whole movie was lacking all the mystic overtones of the previous ones, being 100% realistic if one discounted the Batman-technology. Basically, just a bunch of people blowing each other up.

However, don't take this as a criticism, the movie was very well made, with great effects, some nice dialog, and well-defined characters.

It does not pass the Bechdel test though, requiring that a movie have

  1. At least two named female characters,
  2. who have a conversation with each other
  3. about something other than a man.

But who would expect this sort of movie to pass it anyway?

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