Major yum

So I got stood up for dinner. Not a big deal. Particularly because my dinner date and I were supposed to meet at a restaurant where my favourite chef makes sushi.

His name is Richard and he is a true artist at what he does. Whenever I eat at his sushi bar, I do not order from the menu, but rather let him drive--always with great results.

Tonight he spoiled me with a series of small appetizer-type dishes. I was so smitten with the food that I forgot to take pictures of the first two: the marinated tuna salad with watercress and fish roe, followed by a seared tuna and fried avocado skewer with light bleu cheese sauce. I had a glass of King Estate Pinot Gris with these two.

The third dish was more in a traditional Japanese style: a cucumber roll with fatty eel. I had a little unfiltered Dreamy Clouds sake with it.

The next dish was three pieces of seared nigiri sushi: squid, beef, and tuna. And yes, it is real leaf gold on the beef nigiri! My final drink was a California riesling. Pardon me for not remembering the name. It turned out pretty nice, and went well with both this appetizer and the last little dish I had.

This is the last small dish I had tonight: A piece of seared salmon with a spicy jalapeno-avocado-mint sauce (mayonnaise-based).

Every time I'd try a dish, I would think it was the best one yet, and the next one would turn out to be even better!

All in all, I spent well over two hours sitting at the sushi bar, watching Richard do his magic and enjoying my food and drink. I got to the restaurant tired and stressed, and the fact that I got stood up did not help. By the end of the night, I had a huge grin on my face and felt happy. That's how every evening should end!


  1. and this chef works at a magical restaurant called...?

  2. @Luke: Ask her by email; she doesn't want to share that chef with the world and see the restaurant overrun! We ate here a few months back and I can confirm it was fabulous. SI, I would never stand you up! :-)

  3. Yeah, Richard asked me not to broadcast the exact location to the world. He prefers to work in an environment not overrun by crowds, and I can share the sentiment! I have sent Luke an email though :)