The pecking order

From a chat about my earlier post today.

(02:43:53 PM) Casey: you should buy an oreck

(02:44:14 PM) lx5: i have roomba--my very own cleaning servant

(02:44:52 PM) Casey: oh, so that commercial is wrong but you keeping your own personal robot slave is just fine?

(02:45:04 PM) lx5: yepp

(02:45:10 PM) lx5: it's all about the pecking order

(02:45:11 PM) Casey: ook

(02:45:22 PM) Casey: pecking? there's pecking?

(02:45:42 PM) lx5: women clean for men, robots clean for women.... and there's pecking all over the place

(02:46:21 PM) Casey: so to be at the top of the pecking order you need a pecker

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