Speed Racer

For reasons yet unknown to me, I have watched the Speed Racer movie. Here's what happened.

It was a dark and muggy North Carolina night. I was tired after a long drive, on my sofa, watching old TV episodes on hulu.com when I ran out of all the stuff I wanted to watch. So I went to have a look at their listing of all the TV shows they offer and out of curiosity (and because a friend I know has a Speed Racer t-shirt, which he wore to a traffic court appearance, no less) I clicked on "Speed Racer."

I watched two or three episodes and found them profoundly boring. Went to bed. And the next morning I googled the series title, again, for no clear reason and it showed that the movie was running in the discount theater close by the office. So I went. With another friend.

Actually, the movie was not bad at all. Well worth the $1.50. The colors, costumes, and set design were great. Surreal, but capturing the style of the animated series. The plot was about as deep as in the few episodes I have seen, but that is exactly what it should have been, so no disappointment there.

The race scenes were actually gripping, once you got to terms with the movie's interpretation of the laws of physics.

Man or Maniac posted a review I can agree with fully, so if you care about detailed critique of the movie, read it there.

As for me, I have always loved cineastic orgies of color and style over substance, so if you are like me, I think you'd like it too. Just make sure to see it on as big a screen as you have access to and have the sound on full blast.

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