THSCC Points Event 6: Course map and results

Event results:

The two-day event (first the intermediate school and then the autocross) took a lot out of me, I am still recovering, and it's Wednesday!

I got to practice a lot during driving school, and I think I am getting smoother, at least that's what my friends watching from the bus were telling me. Judging from the results, I did not improve all that much yet, but I was not hitting as many cones as last time, so there's hope!

After the event was over, we each got two free fun runs and Graham let me drive his Corvette Z06 around the course once, and that was a blast! People working the course at the time said they could see my silly grin from where they were standing!

The car was not easy to control though, so I was pretty much slipping and sliding throughout the second half of the course. When I was done, two young guys stopped by to say how much they were impressed by my drifting skill--which I think was my lack of car control skill, but I took what I could get and thanked them profusely for their compliments :)

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