AT&T comes through

So about that new phone. It arrived today, but of course nothing is simple in this world, so the new device did not have SyncML client to copy my contacts from ScheduleWorld. Since the SIM card in the old phone was too small to hold all contacts, plus the RAZR did not offer the option to only see one set (the ones stored on your phone OR the ones on your SIM), I stored them all on the phone only, and so my only accessible copy of the data was not usable.

After mucking around with USB cables (won't mount under Linux or Mac OS X) and various ways to get to the sync via internet services, I ended up going to the AT&T store where an extremely helpful customer service agent helped me until 15 minutes past closing time, until we found a sample phone in the store that had SyncML client on it, so I could

  1. Sync the contacts onto the sample device using my SIM card,
  2. then move my contacts to the SIMcard,
  3. and finally copy them from there to my new Sony Ericsson device seen on the left.

It took us about 30-35 minutes, and the CS agent went way above and beyond of what his job description was, and I am one happy phone owner now.

Plus: The new phone only shows one set of contacts and automatically stores a copy on the SIM card.


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