My first Gymkhana

Tomorrow I am going to Greenville, to compete in my first gymkhana. Gymkhana [jim-'kä-nə, -ˈka-] is, I guess, a type of autocross, but with more fanciful course layouts where you have to go through the same elements several times, drift here and there and sometimes, though not tomorrow, even go in reverse.

I have never done a gymkhana before, so I am a bit worried that I will not remember all the different ways to go around the course and will DNF on all my runs. Other than that, I am excited about going.

Packed my car full of tires and other autocross paraphernalia earlier this evening and had to deal with neighbours' cat's territorial mark on two of the tires. That was not a bonus, I gotta tellya. The stink was to high heaven when I lifted the bottom tire under which cat piss sat for a number of days.

Other than that, all went well and I am anticipating a little improvement in performance from the wrapped exhaust.


  1. What a cool idea -- kinda like choreographed car dancing. Also, that course would make an awesome T-shirt! Good luck, and thanks for the rice (and putting up (with) Paul).

  2. Now that I am back, I can say that it was pretty cool indeed! Some drivers were incredibly good at having their cars balancing between out-of-control drifting and controlled movement through the course. I am not anywhere near that good, but I enjoyed learning the technique and watching some spectacular runs.