Ten things I can do without

The Ten things Samhita can do without post has inspired me to come up with my own. Here goes:
  1. Constant questions from family, friends, and acquaintances about when I'll have a baby.
  2. Questions about why I am not married yet.
  3. Idle inquiries about origin of my accent in order to immediately forget the answer once received.
  4. Waiters who place the check in front of my male dining companion without asking.
  5. Women who enforce male privilege.
  6. Car seats that either place me too close to the wheel or too far from the pedals.
  7. Color-coded everything (pink for girls, blue for boys).
  8. Guys with cheap power tools offering help in the pits, only to have to let me pre-break the lug nuts.
  9. Shock expressions at my statement that I do not crave chocolate.
  10. Being treated like an idiot by most tech support males on account of my gender.

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